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GooeyTrade Delivers Platform administration
services to Prop Firms

GooeyTrade features

Trading Platforms

GooeyTrade currently has platform administration services for DxTrade (with Tradingview Charts), cTrader, and MatchTrader.

One-click trading

All trading platforms we service have one-click trading available, as well as the ability to trade directly from the charts.

Broker Integrations

Integrate TradingView & DXtrade with your preferred broker

Trader-friendly interface

Provide access to real-time charts, indicators and trading on both TradingView & DXtrade

Why Prop Firms
Choose GooeyTrade

Hosting, Running, and Maintaining
a platform can be challenging

  • Experience

    Over 70 years of combined brokerage and platform hosting experience

  • Seamless Integrations

    Choice of broker | Choice of Platform | Fully Integrated Prop CRMs

Start Trading
GooeyTrade performance

Unlimited trading accounts


Developers needed for integration


Compatiblility with Brokers

Supercharge your prop firm

Offer your traders access to the fastest growing and most popular trading platforms on the market while not needing to hire additional staff

Hundreds of Products
Real-time Access
Multiple Platforms

Give your traders
What they want

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